Hi Guys,
With some big features coming up within Hierarchy of ClickUp - SubFolders, and Nested Subtasks - I’d like to propose some ways Tasks and Lists could come together for greater Functionality:
  • Provide a “List View” option for Tasks. This would provide benefits of:
  1. This way you could get a great view of the Nested Subtasks, using the entire page. That would allow fully customize able view into rows on Subtasks.
  2. With another upcoming feature, Relations, you could group a Task’s relations with a “List View” of the Task. Much like right now you group Tasks in a List by just about any attribute (tag, custom field, assignee, etc.)
  • Tasks would be more easily used as Projects, similar to Wrike or Asana functionality. Lists aren’t quite as strong right now in a few ways:
  1. They don’t have Workflow Status
  2. You can’t @mention Lists like Tasks
  3. You can’t see Lists on a board - feature of many other apps that allow viewing of Project Boards.
  4. You can’t relate Lists to anything
  5. Lists don’t work well in Gantt - they can’t be dependent, for example, even though Project dependencies is a big need in Work Management.
Glad to get some additional thoughts from others in the community, and really hoping you guys will give this consideration!