A Note from our CEO
Please excuse us for a few weeks while we focus on house cleaning and quality of life improvements for the product.
Our mission has been the same since day one - to make the world more productive. We realize that speed, reliability, and performance play an integral role in your productivity, so over the next couple of weeks, our engineering team will be focusing 100% of their time and effort on bugs and speed improvements.
While all bugs are important, we'll be putting the most resources towards:
  • Automation Bugs
  • Dashboard Bugs
  • Doc Bugs
  • Speed Improvements
We're committed to getting ClickUp to a place where you feel confident in our performance and experience. As always, please let us know of any issues you're encountering on our Canny board. I check this every day and will be updating you all of any progress we make.
Thanks so much for your continued support.
Zeb 💜
Make Bulk Edits in Gantt View
Ever had a project's scope or deadline change? 😅 We've definitely been there, and manually adjusting each task individually on your Gantt view to reflect the update is not the best use of time...
Luckily, now you can edit tasks in bulk without ever leaving your Gantt view!
Just hover over the tasks you'd like to edit and click the task selector on the left side, then use the Multitask Toolbar to make your edits—add watchers, switch out assignees, change time estimates, and more!
If you're simply looking to make bulk edits to the due date, drag-and-drop those tasks to the correct dates on the Gantt view. Easy peezy lemon squeezy!
Check out the Multitask Toolbar help doc here!
View Tasks on Your Calendar by Date Custom Field
We get it - sometimes due dates just aren't enough. 🤷 It's not uncommon to have multiple dates associated with your tasks such as launch deadlines, different phases of a project, event dates, and more!
While you've previously been able to utilize the Date Custom Field on individual tasks, you were only able to view tasks on your Calendar by the regular start and due dates. Well, not anymore! 💪 Now, your Calendar view can reflect those important dates with the new ability to view tasks by ANY Date Custom Field! 😍
This new improvement empowers you to align your team (and leadership) easier than ever on ALL upcoming critical dates. You can even create multiple different Calendar views, each with a different Date Custom Field enabled! Just head to the Settings button in the top right corner on your Calendar view and select Date Custom Field to get started!
Use Grammarly Everywhere in ClickUp
Ready to become a grammar wizard? 🧙 Grammarly now works EVERYWHERE in ClickUp!
Previously, the Grammarly extension would only work in certain text areas, and it wouldn't appear in task descriptions, proofing, or comment replies. Now, you can receive grammar suggestions and spell checks for any text area within the platform! 🚨
To take advantage of this awesome upgrade, add the Grammarly Chrome Extension here!
Add Time to Date Custom Fields
Previously, you were only able to set a date in custom fields. Now, you're able to specify a time. This improvement functions exactly the same as Due Date & Start Date Custom Fields and allows more granularity for your calendars! 🕐
Select Teams as Assignees on Dashboard Widgets
Ready to take your team collaboration to the next level? Now, you can select Teams under the Show Assignees option in any assignee-focused Dashboard widget! 🎛️
Get a birds-eye view into Team productivity. View the number of tasks per Team and immediately see bottlenecks and manage resources in a glance! ✨
Change Sidebar Layout from Settings
It's easier than ever to change your layout settings! Previously, layout settings would be located in different locations depending on the layout you were currently using 😖
We've ditched the confusion with this update! 👋 Now you can find a new button in your Workspace settings—just click your avatar in the bottom left corner and select Layout size & style! 👌
Uploading Limits Increased to 1GB
We've doubled your file upload limit! Previously, you could only upload files up to 0.5GB. Now, you can upload any files up to 1GB!
Search Tasks by Custom Fields in Views
Previously, you weren't able to search tasks based on the content of their Custom Fields. This was especially frustrating when fields contained important information such as customer names, phone numbers, and more.
Find tasks easier than ever before, now with new Custom Field searching! Just input your text-based Custom Field value into any view search bar! Look up a contact by their email, find client tasks by searching for their website, or locate an email within your index by subject line—the possibilities are endless! 🔎
Searchable Custom Field types include:
  • text
  • long text
  • dropdown
  • label
  • email
  • phone
  • website
  • location
This new improvement will save tons of time! No more manually scanning task-by-task to find what you're looking for. Hello, productivity!
Google, Youtube, Figma Embeds & More
Need to collaborate on external resources such as Google Sheets, Youtube, or even a Figma design file? Bring it into ClickUp with an updated Embed view! 💻
While embedding isn't exactly new to ClickUp, we've made it easier than ever to embed apps!
Just create a new Embed view to get started with the most popular embeddable apps! If you don't see what you're looking for, select the Anything option to copy/paste any URL. Even better, you can also create new Google Sheets or Docs directly when adding an Embed view!
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