I'd like to suggest the addition of the visibility of the block of text that mentions a task within the "mentioned" task's area where mentions are assimilated.
This would take advantage of the "text blocks" inside ClickUp in the various In this example, we have a task mentioned, and there's some text around the mention.
In the image attached with the pink highlight, there is some text in one of those blocks, and then a mentioned task:
We could get the absolute full context of that mention if you added the block of text that "does the mention" from the other task.  I think it would work well in the area shown in yellow:
This would be a real ground-breaking feature for teams' traceability of tasks around ClickUp, as right now you can't see the context of the mention without clicking back to the originating task.  This also brings in some of the "referencing" that Roam Research is getting a lot of buzz for. I attached a view of how this looks with Roam.
You guys already are ahead of most other apps out there in that you have these mentions in the first place.  I think this would be one feature that would set you even further apart!