Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you enhanced Relationships on mobile, Recurring Task Overview, invoice email notifications, and more! 🤝
View and update Relationships on mobile:
Tasks in the mobile app are now more powerful with the addition of Relationships.
View, add, and remove Relationships from tasks on mobile, like linked Docs, blockers, and Dependencies.
Download the mobile app to try it out, and as always share mobile feedback here.
Manage all recurring tasks in one place:
We've made it easier to manage your routine tasks in ClickUp. Now
with Recurring Task Overview you can view and edit all your recurring tasks in one place.
Access this feature via the recurring settings or through the Quick Action menu, and share recurring task feedback here.
Receive email notifications for invoices:
You can now enable invoice notifications for owners and admins to
receive an email any time a new invoice is generated for your Workspace.
Head over to the Invoices tab on the Billing page to access settings to customize memos, see invoice history, and view individual invoices. Share invoicing feedback here.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.14! 🚀