I find it a bit messy how titles are handled for documents. See the first image below. This is a document edited within CU. We have the "This is a Title" - which is different from the view title, and which we can't format in any way (even something as basic as centering on the page).
The second image shows it shared via a webpage. So now I get double, messy, headings for the viewer.
And then the third image, when someone downloads a PDF, the view as it should be in my opinion when shared - and we lose the messy double titles. Although now the "Real Heading" line is formatted with a different font.
The "This is a Title" is really the "filename" in old-speak, and perhaps on the web view is should be written as such in some way, and formatted to be a lot less prominent?
I know docs are being worked on, but we need some consistency of fonts and formatting. This is how we are presenting information to clients, and as such represent part of our company image. It's a mess at the moment, and the results are un-predictable.
It'd be great to be able to setup document headers and footers as well!
And as a little addendum - I've just created a document. Views fine on the web share (albeit with the caveats in my original post) - but when you download the PDF version, some of the text is Bold as per my original doc, and some isn't.
There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this - and it's very frustrating.
Also, I know the "free-flowing" nature of the document creation is refreshingly freeing, but it would be useful to have a pagination view to see where the page breaks are going to be on the PDF version.