Hi ClickUp Team, this is a real problem which you can hopefully solve fast and easy:
Currently Time Tracking GET API (https://clickup.com/api/clickupreference/operation/Gettimeentrieswithinadaterange/) does not allow to filter by Tags.
As Time Tracking Entries don't have status yet (billed, unbilled, pending, ...) which is a separate issue, like many other CU users we're using Tags in Time Tracking entries to set what has been "billed".
To be able to create invoices based on this, we created an app which fetches the time entries to be billed.
Sadly there's no other way then fetching ALL (ten thousands) time entries and filtering the results in the client. This is really annoying. Could you please allow to filter for (HAS / HAS NOT) tags until statuses are available for Time entries?
That would be super helpful.