When there is a list of any sort in a task, AND when inputting a large amount of text in a Description field, the mobile app (Android) is unable to scroll to allow the lower portion of the screen to be seen above the keyboard. So, in effect, I have to hide the keyboard, see what it is I am responding to or typing, then activate the keyboard again and type away without being able to see the input until I hid the keyboard again. In the attached images, I show a list of subtasks, and then a screenshot of the same list with the keyboard showing. I cannot scroll down to see the last item, or to input additional items, making creating longer lists on mobile practically ineffective. This happens with checklists, subtasks and custom fields.
Now, in a Description, I've found that if I press Enter a bunch of times, I drive the text up higher so I am then able to see what I am typing, but still, not really a solution.