I have a task list + locations task list. The first task list has a relation to the locations task list :
task list -> one to many -> locations
With this relationship in place, I can create/edit a task and add a location from my related locations list to this task.
In the relationships part of the task, I can show a rollup field in the task detail from my locations list.
However, I CANNOT select this related locations field (from the locations tasklist) in the MAP VIEW !
I cannot use the map view right now, because I would have to type in the exact location for each new task ! If you have more than 100 offices, each with a specific location, and all these addresses are defined in 1 tasklist, it would be very, very nice to have the ability to use the location field from this tasklist when related to other tasklists where actual tasks are defined !
Also, when you now have 2 tasks on the same geo-location address, you have to zoom in a lot to see 2 different pins on the same address. Wouldn't it be better to have the same functionality as on google maps = according to the zoom level, show a number. Click on the number zooms in.