There are always a bunch of tasks/subtasks across different projects in the workspace that have the same name, for that reason usually it's wise to have the project name or an acronym as a part of each task name.
Let's say I have a list template with many different tasks that I use in every project. Starting a new project, I'd load the list template, but then I'd have to rename each task manually adding some small text to each task name.
We need an automation, to bulk rename tasks, adding a value from a certain custom field.
It would be something like.
Trigger could be anything
rename task:
custom field value + existing task name
For example, a Task called "Website", containing a custom field "customer" set to a value "Ikea" would be renamed to "Ikea Website".
Similar functions exist when setting up an automation to duplicate or create a new task.
Or add a rename function in the bulk action toolbar, to be able to modify task names all at once.