Click up has great features. But, it's UI is messy and cluttered. Way too much repetition, and poor text hierarchy. If you feel the same way, please use this feed to add in your own UI critiques and hopefully they will listen, and give us a refresh.
Example 1 - The inbox.
The inbox useful in theory, but I find it unusable in practice. Why are dates written as full strings including the year repeated again and again? I am already informed above these tasks what the month is. I find it pretty easy to guess what the year is, and I certainly don't need told what century we're in, and not again and again for every tasks beginning and end date! I find it extremely hard to get a quick sense of what I am looking at. Even dates written in alphabetic style would be easy. Like 7th Jul - 8th Aug. If the month is written above, does it need to be on the task as well?
Similarly, I have named my lists according to the project title. In this view, it is very hard to see the project title easily. This means I have a long list of tasks but it's hard for me to quickly see which projects they relate to. I rarely add project names to my task titles because this would also be unnecessary duplication.
Please redesign this page so that the principle information is clearly visible and extraneous information and repetition is removed.