I don't really use the time view in ClickUp for 3 reasons:
  1. I can't find my tasks in the sidebar on the right. It shows hundreds of tasks all mixed together and I can't easily find the ones I want to work on.
Personally, I think it would be much better if you could have list view on the right (without all the columns) so that I can easily find my tasks and drag and drop them into the calendar (see mockup screenshot).
  1. When I view a specific project (which makes it easier to find my tasks on the right) it only shows the calendar items for that project. This means when I drag and drop a task onto the calendar it is highly likely that I have already planned something for that time but it's in a different project.
  2. I can't zoom in or out in the day view. I use my calendar for everything - be it 1 hours tasks or 5 minute tasks - which in ClickUp is almost unreadable.
I would like to be able to zoom into see every 5 minute slot throughout the day so that if I have a task that is only 5 minutes, it only takes up the space of a 5 minute slot rather than just adding tasks in columns (see screenshot of my Outlook calendar - the 5 minute task only takes up the space of 5 minutes).
If you could zoom in and out, those who prefer how it is could keep it like that and those who prefer it like Outlook could have it like that.