I have mentioned quite a few features of other apps, this time the request is for something to help me get more out of ClickUp for software development - simple linking between tasks. In both Jira and Clubhouse.io, you can add a link to another task as a field in a task. It's great that Clickup associates "mentioned" tasks with reciprocal links. But it would be great if you could simply link a task to another, without having to write a comment or somehow add context in the task description. One example of this is if I'm using ClickUp as a CRM, and for now I have to set up clients as tasks, if I want to record the interaction with them as a task, and not a subtask, I can't just plain "link" the task called "call Client A tomorrow" to the actual task that represents Client A. If I understand correctly, currently I have to either paste the task for Client A in the description, which looks a bit odd, or in the comments, with no context. Simply being able to link together would be a more elegant way to represent this I think.
Thanks again guys!