I would like to have toggles as native automations inside of ClickUp predefining rules between start dates and due dates. If active on a task, they could automatically update subsequent, recurring dates when any edits are made to the original dates and/or times.
There seems to already be a hidden "recurrence-sync" inside of ClickUp and it's set to "off." As you might have already found out, this makes rescheduling dates independent of their recurrences. This becomes a hassle to realign recurring dates when task-scheduling calls for being shifted by a few days. What are your thoughts on having these settings readily available directly inside of the task view's date-picker?
Attached is an example mockup which includes the following description:
  • 2 toggles
    for linking days and times, separately.
  • 1 toggle
    for syncing recurrences scheduled after initial date.
    Toggling on
    and rescheduling the initial task updates the duration of days and/or times for future recurrences.
    Toggling off
    lets you reschedule the initial task's duration and/or time slots independent of future recurrences, as it currently functions now.
Bonus MLP features
  • Hover
    over a task's date field to reveal the date picker.
  • Labels
    for browsing tasks in List view, Calendar view, etc. To help oversee whether tasks have recurrence settings active, as well as which of the 3 toggles are set to on or off.