When you write any text - there is a delay in input, up to 2 seconds!
Sometimes there is such a freeze, and then all the written text - appears at once.
Ie clearly takes the server delay factor.
Why do this? Why limit my input, checking information on the server?
Input should be local, and sync with the server only in the background, without interrupting my interaction.
I only need a response from the server when I use the "/" command or something similar...
I see a lot of reports about performance improvements, but in the last couple of years - didn't feel any changes, because if the server is far away, any operation - takes up to 2 seconds of time... Even if you just write a text...
Also, for some reason, the history of activity in some, certain tasks can be loaded for 15-20 seconds! While in others the download occurs in 3-5 seconds.