Now that native time tracking is implemented it needs big improvements.
For sure many users would like to see their own custom modifications.
However, let's start with the basics, that anyone could benefit from.
1) Shortcuts to start and stop a timer. Kanbanflow is a great example. Shift+T and a click to select a task, and then S to start a timer. Pressing S again stops the timer. Quick and easy.
2) Sameless/auto time tracking. When a task is moved into a certain column/status (for instanace "In progress"), time tracking starts automatically and it stops when a task is moved. All that would be required to make this to work, is to add a config option to columns/statuses to set them as auto time tracking.
3) Improve time tracking analytics.
* Add time intervals. At this moment intervals are visible only during log entry editing. See screenshot below.
* Formatting - see screenshot below.
4) Ability to see running timers of all users in a workspace. This would be a great way to see what anyone is working on in the moment.