Allow to filter or sort by the number of tasks completed in a checklist. Right now, especially with the small font that the number of tasks done out of the total tasks is displayed it is very hard to tell at a glance what tasks have progressed more than others.
My company uses a template and a checklist for special orders, the tasks are always the same but include everything from writing the order to shipping it, to keep continuity and make sure it all gets done. However this means that these tasks can linger for days, sometimes a week. With more coming in every day, it is very hard to keep track of what is not touched and what is in the hands of shipping/receiving.
This would also be a fantastic resource for larger projects in general as it would make it easier to track that tasks on the list are getting done without needing to open the task and scroll through the checklist.
TLDR; I want to see a filter in list view for the ?/X marker for a checklist on a task