We are in a closed beta for some new formulas functionality, which includes:
Grouping by Formula fields
Filtering by Formula fields
Sorting by Formula fields
Column Calculations for Formula columns
Please feel free to ask questions here, provide feedback on the functionality, etc so we can continue to iterate. You can find the Help Center documentation here: https://help.clickup.com/hc/en-us/articles/19371875590295
To join the beta waitlist, you can fill out this form: https://dev-forms.clickup.com/333/f/ad-983617/MV9SE9MMV5A35CRE2Y
As of Weds Dec 13, 2023, ~85% of users who have requested access to the beta have received access. Most of the outstanding requests are requests that did not provide a Workspace ID when filling out the form, and we will not be able to add you to the beta in those cases. Feel free to fill out the form again with a correct WS ID. Thanks!