I am writting to you because we have some features we are missing from Clickup for a long time.
We tried to solve these problems but we think a little developement is needed to make this work.
  1. We use multiply assignees on most of our tasks, like a copy writter, an art director, a DTP specialist...etc.
We set the start date and the due date, and we add time estimates. BUT, Clickup doesn’t recognize if an assignee haven’t strated to work on his/her task yet, and in the work load we it can not be seen, that they will need more time in the rest of the period.
For example:
We create a task form Monday to Friday, and we give the copy writter 5 hours to solve it.
Clickup deivides the 5 hours for 5 days, so we see in the work load that he is occupied each day for one hour.
Buti f he didn’t have time to work with the task nor on Monday, neither on Tuesday or Wednesday, than we should see that the originally calculated 5 hours are rearranged for the rest of the week. But we still see 1 hour for each day, although the copywritter haven’t worked ont he task yet, so we should see 2,5 hours for him ont he last 2 days of the week.
All in all, our problem is that the workload doesn’t accurate, and is not changing dynamically.
There is a function which remaps the due date if we change the parent tasks due date. Why doesn’t it changes the start date as well?
Yes it can happen that we have more time for a task, but it can happen also, that we can START working on a task later than we planed.
Can you please add the strat date remap function as well?