Every time I "downgrade" someone's permissions (e.g. limit to "view only" to everyone except for a specific group of people who can edit), users get notifications "XXX shared a List/Doc/Task with you".
I have contacted support multiple times about it, and always got a reply that it's a feature not a bug. Which I still disagree with.
I understand that such a notification makes sense when I share something with a person (that they've not had access to), but it becomes detrimental when the same notification is sent when I downgrade the level of their access (to something they didn't know even existed).
Attached is a screenshot of a real email/notification sent literally the entire company got when my colleagues wanted to make their roadmap not editable by other people. As a result, people get confused, the person who changed permissions gets bombarded with messages.
As a result of this notification:
  • users are reluctant to make anything public and keep all their workflows private
  • users end up ignoring notifications because they get used to the fact some of them are meaningless
  • it prevents people from adopting clickup alltogether
I know this sounds minor, but it genuinely is a big problem for us. Therefore, at the very least please change the messaging (i.e. "XXX changed your permissions level from "full" to "view only""), or preferably – remove this notification alltogether.
Happy to chat about it if necessary.