The new dashboards are great, but as any new feature, it could use a few tweaks:
  1. Adding a dashboard to 'favorites' puts them in its own favorites bar, not the views/docs favorites bar. It would be better if it was in the same bar.
  2. As the 'remove from favorites' link is right next to 'delete dashboard', a coworker accidentally delete a dashboard after I shared with him. There was no confirmation and doesn't seem to be a way to recover it.
  3. If you add a 'task list' widget and add an additonal 'status' column, the column doesn't look properly styled.
  4. Several widgets under 'tables' come prefiltered with 'archived' tasks. That's not likely to be what most people want.
  5. In a 'task list' widget, it would be nice to see which list/folder/space the task is from.