This is about the navigational experience when reading a sub-task card.
Right now, it is possible to move from one sub-task card to the next by pressing the horizontal scrolling buttons to the side of the card.
However, if there were many sub-tasks in this group, it is not great to go through all the sub-task cards to get to the one I want.
So right now, I have to go 'up two levels' (i.e. list view) and then select the sub-task I want.
  • it would be nice if I could select the sibling subtasks from within the sub-task card and jump to it.
  • maybe hovering over the scroll buttons could show a popup list of the sibling subtasks?
  • The same principle could be applied to the 'task card'. to make it easy to switch between sibling tasks.
  • I've thought about using the rapid search option. But this doesn't work from within a card view.
Thanks as always.
Great job guys!