Release Notes 3
Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you a brand new
Automation activity log, status change filters, a redesigned Form view, HIPAA-compliant AI, live training with ClickUp Assist
, and more! 🔒
Centralized Automation Activity:
Easily monitor all Automation activities with our new activity logs. View the date, status, and actions for each Automation, and navigate directly to any entry for quick adjustments.
Status Change Filters:
Use the Last Status Change filter across views, cards, or Dashboards to pinpoint tasks that haven't progressed. Take action on stagnant tasks to eliminate bottlenecks and improve workflow efficiency.
Redesigned Form View:
Form view has been revamped to align with the sleek design of ClickUp 3.0, offering a more intuitive form creation and submission experience for both your team and respondents.
HIPAA-Compliant AI:
Unlock the full power of AI in your HIPAA-compliant Workspace. ClickUp Brain now supports the highest level of data security. Contact our sales team to set up your Enterprise plan plus BAA and accelerate your productivity today!
Live training with ClickUp Assist:
Keep your Workspace running smoothly with ClickUp Assist. Sign up for live training to learn best practices, customize templates, optimize workflows, and get the most out of your ClickUp experience.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.19! 🚀