Hey, Community!
This week's update brings you
revamped view creation, new Dashboard views, redesigned public tasks and Lists, synchronized Personal Lists on web and mobile,
and more.
Revamped view creation:
Easily add a view to any Space, Folder, or List with our newly redesigned view options menu. Discover popular views, create and pin views for your team, or privately add them with just a few clicks.
Add Dashboards as a view:
Integrate Dashboards directly as a view and use prebuilt Dashboard templates for instant critical project insights.
Redesign of public tasks and Lists:
Publicly shared tasks and Lists now mirror the design and structure of ClickUp 3.0, ensuring consistency with the in-app experience.
Use Personal List on mobile:
Your Personal List is now fully synchronized between web and mobile. Any adjustments to filters, assignees, or other changes are now updated across both platforms. Download the mobile app.
Check out these features and more in Release Notes 3.17! 🚀