There are a number of things that are not the same between desktop and mobile, which affects usability:-
  1. Status colours are different on Desktop vs Mobile. - Not helpful, as Status colours are set manually for a reason. E.g., I have set a light blue for a status, but on mobile, it is dark blue.
  2. Likewise, Custom Field colours are not the same.
  3. The "task completed pie icon" ClickApp turned OFF does not translate to mobile.
  4. Further, the circle task status icon is whole/filled in on desktop, and only an outline circle on mobile. - This (1) does not give consistency, and (2) is harder to see visually quickly (too much white everywhere, and the lack of a solid colour does not draw your eye).
  5. Custom Field ordering is not the same. - Whether pinned or otherwise.
  6. Task Type icons don't work.
In my opinion, the mobile experience should mimic the desktop experience as much as possible, and, right now, these things really stop this.
Please call all these things be copied from desktop?