The new tasks access needs a couple more steps, which should normally be avoided, but needs also more in depth study on my side (since it's totally new).
Meanwhile, one simple but useful trick would be to remember the last open state. I notice this for a usual checklist where I have to tap four times before displaying it, including closed items.
You could eventually ad the option to "remember open status" (less mandatory).
This is in fact also related to a major issue since day one in Clickup where there is still no "offline mode", which needs a full refresh on each launch, which is slow, consumes higher bandwidth, and can potentially lock a project while out of internet connexion.
In opposition to what is done for now, I would, highly appreciate to be able to open the app and find it in the exact same place and state as when I left it, only the needed data will be loaded IF its connected.
Now, and for one simple first step, let the app remember the open state of any list (checklists for sure, but probably many other things too).