With the new App 3.0 interface, tracking time is a much worse experience.
This is a major problem, since time tracking is one of the main reasons to use the app.
Previously the workflow was a single tap on the nicely colored play button.
Now, when I open the task I can't even SEE the time tracking. I have to remember where it is, swipe all the way to the left in the top bar thing to see a dull, grey button (which doesn't even show how much time I've tracked), then tap twice to actually start the clock.
Continuing the theme, there is no indication within the task that it is the task I am currently tracking time to. Yes, you have the green bar at the top from before, but I have to read the task name to confirm where I'm at.
Finally, I have to swipe left and tap twice again to stop the clock.
How to fix it:
  1. Add a second row to that top bar of options, so that you can see time tracking immediately on opening a task.
  2. Lose the grey stopwatch + "Track Time" button and go back to a play button with numbers next to it showing time tracked so far.