Similar to how Microsoft's OneNote allows you to structure a document into a functional hierarchy that you can use as a part of your workflow, it would be cool to allow elements within a ClickUp doc to be "collapsible" (e.g. if I had a section that said "Company Listings" I might not want a whole page or two taken up by bullet points of "Yelp," "AngelList," etc. but it would be cool to see just the section header and a little "tab" icon that I could use to collapse or uncollapse sections).
This would be awesome for creating a highly-functional wiki system that could be used for all sorts of cross-sectional or reference materials.
People could see as much, or as little, detail as necessary to accomplish the work at hand. That way, if you needed to gain a "bird's eye" view of things, you could evaluate the main substance of a topic, but if you had needs for a key detail, you could also plunge in (now more aware than ever of its position, as it is well-nested in the hierarchy itself).