On my People Tab, everyone is shown as Guest, when most are View Only. There should be 2 Guests, and 5 View Only. Customer support confirmed my account is showing 2 guests, 5 view only. However, as you can see on this screenshot it is showing 7 guests.
I tried to remove and re-add people as recommended by the first support person, but it did not resolve the bug.
The bigger issue for me is that I had more View Only people, but my People Tab said I had maxed out Guests when I had not, so I ended up removing a few folks to see what was going on. I need to re-add those folks ASAP.
I have reported this bug to customer service, who then sent me to technical support - who then sent me the same sentence on how billing, guests, and view only work (which is not the issue).
This is a newer bug!
Thank you!