Once again on the start of this month time reporting exports won't work properly.
Now there is following issue:
When I try to report any other time range than "this month" it will show me the correct total, but as soon as I open up the grouping it only shows me the entries of this month.
More importantly: The export also only shows the entries from this month, no matter what time range I enter in the widget.
When I reload the page, the widget automatically resets the range to "this month".
Tested for both Chrome and Firefox.
Edit: When I create a new widget the bug isn't happening.
Since this still means editing over 200 widgets for our Project Managers this is once again costing us a lot of time instead of saving it.
Edit 2: It seems the Range gets stuck at some point. Now I created a widget with range "this year" and when I edit it , it always resets to this year.