Searching using "exact" filter is still not exact (even though this bug was closed as fixed, a long time ago) so I'm creating a new issue.
To recreate: say I have my business Employer ID Number documented in a page like this: "EIN: 12345678", and want to look this up.
When I "exact" search for string 'ein' i get results like "the coffee is in the fridge" etc. Which is obviously broken, as there is no 'e' before the letters 'in'. Also, none of the many instances of 'EIN' show, regardless if my search strng is 'ein' or 'EIN.'
When I then try "exact" search for string ' ein' (adding a space before the 'e') I can successfully filter out the word 'in', but the search still turns up things like 'min' and still does not return any instances of 'EIN'.
So the "exact" filter is still broken.