Hi, my team has come across an issue in ClickUp when sending an email that exceeded Gmails 25MB limit for attachment sizes. Email that goes over the attachment size limit doesn't prompt an error message in ClickUp.
One of my team members sent a reply to an email chain that had more than 25MB attached, hit "Send Email" and it looks like it goes through the process of sending the email, so they moved on to the next task thinking everything was going as normal. There was no error prompt from ClickUp that the email didn't send correctly due to attachments being over the limit, it doesn't log any activity at all, and the email you tried to send has no record at all in the comments, it just disappears.
I duplicated this by also trying to send attachments over 25MB, and it goes through as though it sends the email fine, no error prompt or anything, it's just that nothing is added to the comments/email section of the task. Everything you tried to send just disappears from ClickUp with no activity recorded.
I will also be sending an email to bugs@clickup.com with a link to this thread.
Kind regards,