Hello. I have put the "ClickUp Today" Android widget on my S7+ Tablet and S21 Ultra 5G Phone. It works as intended, however, it does not update as frequently as I would like. If I complete/delete/add something on my computer browser version of clickup, it does not update the android widget for a while (10-30 minutes) The only way I can update the widget is if I remove and re-add. There is no power saving mode on either device and the widgets are not being blocked in the background. The thing is, If I use Google Keep and check something off on my TO DO list on my computer, It IMMEDIATELY updates and vice versa for my phone or tablet. This is a huge deal breaker for me as I constantly use my phone and tablet as well as my computers. The attached photos were taken 10 minutes apart. Please let me know if this is something the developers can adjust to allow me to fully keep my workflow within ClickUp.