CLICKUP is infested with Bugs!
I wasn't sold on the response to the thread listed below. So I'm posting another to emphasize the point... In short while I never imagined I'd be complaining about too many new features rolling out on a SaaS platform. I am, and have been for some time after my team would report bug after bug only to find new features rolling out each Friday & requested bug fixes haven't been resolved. In fact new ones would arise.
Beyond the bugs, it takes time for organizations to incorporate new features into their processes & workflows. Constantly adding new components many of which seem to be horizontal features, instead of adding depth to existing apps/components makes it stressful to work in the app now. Always feeling like we're falling further and further behind.
Maybe there's a pilot/beta group where the people that want to, can get & test these new features months before they roll out to everyone.
If your development team needs to work on something, maybe it's integrations that work with existing features. That'd be ideal.
I am not ungrateful for the tenacity to add value for us, but the foundation seems more and more unstable with each release.